Training Opportunities and Other Events

US Staff Sponsored Training

The united states Orienteering Group is organizing a Education Camp on routes from WOC 1993 at beautĀ­iful Harriman State Park (near to Nyc) along with other top quality routes within the Hudson Valley.

You will see 10 personal selfserve traiĀ­ning exercises accessible, each with preprinted maps. The handles is likely to be out for that length of working out camp, to help you choose when to complete which session. A number of workouts is likely to be provided, including obtaining the opportunity to rerun WOC 1993 programs. This can be a excellent chance for a higher degree coaching camp together with your membership or perhaps a few soothing times of orienteering with friends or household. The price is likely to be $10 per work out per individual or $80 for several 10. Packets with instruction supplies is likely to be shipped to individuals if requested by October 1, 2012.

Extra information using the precise places and accessible workout sessions is likely to be here quickly, but have a look as of this to get a flavor of orienteering at Harriman State Park.

Friday through Friday, October 15 to 17
Wednesday through Friday, October 22 to March 26
About 100 km in the NAOC function centre.


1. Surebridge – WOC 1993 guys’s longdistance remaining program
2. Surebridge – handle selecting program

3. Polebrook – WOC 1993 guys’s middle-distance remaining program
4. Polebrook – time or night Orienteering times

5. Rockhouse – handle pick within the specialized location (NW section of chart)
6. Jackie Jones – path option instruction (long-legs)

7. Blue Mountain – 2011 US Team Trials longdistance program
8. Blue Mountain – curves only program + hallway-E

9. SUNY Purchase – 2011 US Team Tests run program + sprint times
10. Saxon Woods or Westmoreland Reservation – middle-distance program

Contact Boris Granovskiy with issues.
Western Connecticut Orienteering events

Wednesday, October 27 and Sunday, October 28
Managed by WCOC.
Traditional duration programs both times.

White – Novice
Orange – Advanced Beginner
Red – Intermediate
Brown – Advanced, small
Green – Sophisticated, medium
Red – Advanced, long
Blue – Advanced, extra long

About 200 km in the NAOC occasion middle, near Bethel, CT.
$10 per person daily; $15 for both times

Additional information will soon be published because they become available.